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Booking Policies

Please read before requesting appointments

Call or text us at 252-722-3879 or message us through our website chat.

Please have an idea of the service(s) you are interested in and the days/times you are available as we are typically booked up to three weeks in advance depending on the service.


You can review our services by clicking on the Services tab.

Once your services are booked you will receive an automated text message and/or email from our online calendar (Fresha).

Clicking on the link will take you to our cancellation and 'no show' policies (30% of the service price to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment/50% no show fee).
There you will have an opportunity to confirm your appointment with a credit card.

This guarantees we hold the appointed time and service for you.

If you choose to not confirm your appointment with a credit card we reserve the right to cancel your appointment with no notice and give the appointment to someone who will confirm and show up for the appointment.

Do not reply to texts regarding your appointments unless they come from our number



Hair clients -

If you are a new client scheduling intensive hair services (drastic color changes, color correction, double process, etc.) we may require a consultation. The cost of the consultation will be credited to your appointment for the service associated with the consultation.


Massage clients -

In addition to the above, we use HIPPA-compliant electronic health records to maintain your intake and treatment notes. When scheduling your initial massage appointment we will set up your profile using your name, telephone number, email address, and date of birth. Then you will receive an email to complete your intake forms. These forms must be completed prior to your massage appointment. Annually you will receive an email requesting updated information.

Thank you,

Anew U Day Spa

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